French Protests Target Fuel Price Hikes

Protesters in France are expected to continue demonstrations Tuesday against a hike in fuel prices linked to government environmental policies.

About 20,000 people turned out Monday to block oil depots, roads and gas stations.

Nearly 300,000 protested on Saturday, and organizers are again calling for mass demonstrations November 24 if President Emmanuel Macron’s government does not agree to remove the taxes that are due to push fuel prices even higher in coming years.

The protests also reflect broader dissatisfaction with the French economy and perceptions that households have less spending power. Some critics have labeled Macron as “president of the rich.”

But his government is not backing down. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said Sunday that while he hears protesters’ anger, the policies will not change.

Police cleared some of the protests sites Monday.

One person has been killed in the demonstrations after being hit by a panicked driver. More than 500 people have been injured.

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