Обиженный карлик пукин посылают лесом – и правильно делают

Обиженный карлик пукин посылают лесом – и правильно делают.

Сейчас можно говорить о том, что началось формирование конкретных мер, уже в масштабах ЕС, чтобы перевести отказ от углеводородного сырья в практическую плоскость

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«Арсенал» обіграв «Челсі» і став переможцем Кубка Англії з футболу

У фіналі Кубка Англії з футболу в суботу «Арсенал» обіграв «Челсі» з рахунком 2:1.

Дублем у команді-переможцеві відзначився габонський нападник П’єр-Емерік Обамеянг. У «Челсі» гол у ворота суперника забив форвард американець Крістіан Пулішіч.

Матч на лондонському стадіоні «Вемблі» проходив за порожніх трибун.

Це 14-й раз, коли «Арсенал» стає володарем Кубка Англії. Ця перемога гарантує команді участь у Лізі Європи в наступному сезоні.

Кубок Англії з футболу проводять із 1871 року.


Astronauts Face Final Leg of SpaceX Test Flight: Coming Home

A pair of NASA astronauts face the final and most important part of their SpaceX test flight: returning to Earth with a rare splashdown.Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken took part in a farewell ceremony Saturday at the International Space Station, several hours ahead of their planned departure on a SpaceX Dragon capsule.  Despite approaching Hurricane Isaias, NASA said the weather looks favorable for a Sunday afternoon splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico near Panama City, Florida. It will be the first splashdown for astronauts in 45 years. The last time was following the joint U.S.-Soviet mission in 1975 known as Apollo-Soyuz.The astronauts’ homecoming will cap a two-month mission that ended a prolonged launch drought in the U.S., which has relied on Russian rockets to ferry astronauts to the space station since the end of the shuttle era.  In launching Hurley and Behnken from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on May 30, SpaceX became the first private company to send people into orbit. Now SpaceX is on the verge of becoming the first company to bring people back from orbit.  “The hardest part was getting us launched, but the most important is bringing us home,” Behnken said.  A successful splashdown, Behnken said, will bring U.S.-crew launching capability “full circle.”This photo provided by NASA shows, from left, front, astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on the International Space Station, Aug. 1, 2020. Behnken and Hurley are scheduled to leave the station in a SpaceX capsule Saturday and splashdown Sunday.Space station commander Chris Cassidy, who will remain on board with two Russians until October, presented Hurley with the small U.S. flag left behind by the previous astronauts to launch to the space station from U.S. soil, in July 2011. Hurley was the pilot of that final shuttle mission.The flag — which also flew on the first shuttle flight in 1981 — became a prize for the company that launched astronauts first.  Elon Musk’s SpaceX easily beat Boeing, which isn’t expected to launch its first crew until next year and will land in the U.S. Southwest. The flag has one more flight after this one: to the moon on NASA’s Artemis program in the next few years.”We’re a little sad to see them go,” Cassidy said, “but very excited for what it means to our international space program to add this capability” of commercial crew capsules. The next SpaceX crew flight is targeted for the end of September.Hurley and Behnken also are bringing back a sparkly blue and purple dinosaur named Tremor. Their young sons chose the toy to accompany their fathers on the historic mission.

Connie Culp, First US Partial Face Transplant Recipient, Dies

Connie Culp, the recipient of the first partial face transplant in the U.S., has died at 57, almost a dozen years after the groundbreaking operation.The Cleveland Clinic, where her surgery had been performed in 2008, said Saturday that Culp died Wednesday at the Ohio clinic of complications from an infection unrelated to her transplant.Dr. Frank Papay, chair of Cleveland Clinic’s dermatology and plastic surgery institute and part of Culp’s surgical team, called her “an incredibly brave, vibrant woman and an inspiration to many.””Her strength was evident in the fact that she had been the longest-living face transplant patient to date,” Papay said in a statement. “She was a great pioneer and her decision to undergo a sometimes-daunting procedure is an enduring gift for all of humanity.”Culp’s husband shot her in the face in 2004 in a failed murder-suicide attempt for which he was imprisoned for seven years. The blast destroyed her nose, shattered her cheeks and shut off most of her vision. Her features were so gnarled that children ran away from her and called her a monster, The Associated Press previously reported.Culp underwent 30 operations. Doctors took parts of her ribs to make cheekbones and fashioned an upper jaw from one of her leg bones. She had countless skin grafts from her thighs. Still, she was left unable to eat solid food, breathe on her own or smell.80% replacement from donorIn December 2008, Dr. Maria Siemionow led a team of doctors in a 22-hour operation to replace 80% of Culp’s face with bone, muscles, nerves, skin and blood vessels from a donor, Anna Kasper. It was the fourth face transplant in the world, though the others were not as extensive.After the operation, her expressions were a bit wooden and her speech was at times difficult to understand, but she could talk, smile, smell and taste her food again. In 2011, Siemionow said Culp had “a normal face” after doctors refined the droopy jowls and extra skin they purposely left to make checkup biopsies easier.”She’s smiling, she’s perfect. When she jokes, she kind of flickers her eyes. Her face is vivid. You can see emotions,” Siemionow said.Also in 2011, a Texas man severely disfigured in a power line accident underwent the nation’s first full face transplant.Culp made several television appearances and become an advocate for organ donation. Two years after her operation, Culp met with the family of Kasper, the donor, who had died of a heart attack. Culp told The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer: “They’re just really nice people.”Kasper’s daughter, Becky Kasper, 23, said she could see part of her mother in Culp, though their bone structures were different.”I can definitely see the resemblance in the nose,” she said. “I know she’s smiling down on this, that she’s very happy.”

Синоптики попереджають про загрозу виникнення пожеж у низці регіонів

В Укргідрометцентрі повідомили, що 2 серпня в Україні збережеться загроза виникнення пожеж на відкритих територіях у низці регіонів країни.

«1-2 серпня у східних, більшості центральних, Одеській, Миколаївській та Сумській областях надзвичайний рівень пожежної небезпеки», – йдеться в повідомленні.

За даними Держслужби з надзвичайних ситуацій, у лісовому фонді країни кількість пожеж у порівнянні із минулим роком збільшилася втричі, а площа – у 40 разів.


У карлика пукина сдали нервы: балласт в виде Дoнбасcа стал ещё более тяжёлым…

У карлика пукина сдали нервы: балласт в виде Дoнбасcа стал ещё более тяжёлым…

Что важно в письме пукинского холопа дмитрия козака и о чём оно на самом деле

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Обиженный карлик пукин терпит фиаско, но собственная дурость толкает его к катастрофе

Игра на истощение: обиженный карлик пукин терпит фиаско, но собственная дурость толкает его к катастрофе

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Стара політична хвойда поведе Україну до нових втрат суверенітету в Мінську!

Стара політична хвойда поведе Україну до нових втрат суверенітету в Мінську!

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Помер заступник командувача Української добровольчої армії Андрій Гергерт

Після тривалої хвороби у віці 42 років помер заступник командувача Української добровольчої армії, командир 8-го окремого батальйону «Аратта» Андрій Гергерт (позивний – Червень), повідомив батальйон 1 серпня на своїй сторінці у фейсбуці.

«Українська земля втратила великого сина, відважного воїна, відданого батька та люблячого чоловіка. Небесний батальйон доповнив ще один Герой України, який віддано захищав незалежність Батьківщини», – йдеться в повідомленні.

У батальйоні заявили, що про всі похоронні заходи буде повідомлено згодом.

За повідомленнями, Андрій Гергерт тривалий час боровся з онкологічним захворюванням, він лікувався в Україні і за кордоном. У нього залишилися дружина і четверо дітей.

Андрій Гергерт родом із Львівщини, за фахом – ветеринар. Брав участь у бойових діях на Донбасі з березня 2014 року. Нагороджений орденом Богдана Хмельницького III ступеня «за особисту мужність, самовідданість і високий професіоналізм, виявлені у захисті державного суверенітету та територіальної цілісності України».

Mexico Replaces UK As Country With 3rd Highest COVID Deaths

There are more than 17.6 million worldwide COVID-19 cases, according to Johns Hopkins statistics.  The U.S. continues to lead in the number of infections with more than 4.5 million, followed by Brazil with 2.6 million cases, and India with almost 1.7 million.Mexico has replaced Britain as the country with the third largest number of deaths from COVID-19. Johns Hopkins says Mexico now has reported 46,688 deaths.The U.S. leads the world in the number of deaths from the virus with more than 153,000, followed by Brazil with more than 92,000.Where Has the New Coronavirus Spread?New virus, denoted 2019-nCoV by the WHO, has caused alarm because of its similarity to SARS in 2002-2003Russia is gearing up to launch a mass vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in September or October.  News media reports quote sources as saying the vaccine was developed at a state research facility.   Scientific data about the vaccine or test results have not been released.In South Korea, the leader of a secretive religious sect linked to more than 5,200 of the country’s more than 14,000 COVID cases has been arrested. Lee Man-hee has denied allegations that he hid members and underreported the sect’s activities in an effort to avoided quarantines.The coronavirus has burned through a summer sleep-away camp in the U.S. state of Georgia, perhaps providing a cautionary tale for school districts currently weighing the pros and con of reopening in the COVID era.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in a study that the camp observed the suggestions the agency provided but did not require the children to wear masks.  Only the staff members were required to wear masks.   A teenage staffer fell ill shortly after the camp opened.
A COVID diagnosis was confirmed the next day and the camp began sending the children home that day.  The CDC had tests results for only 344 of the 597 campers and 76% of them were positive.  The infection rate could have been higher since the CDC did not have results for everyone.The nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told lawmakers Friday on Capitol Hill he is “cautiously optimistic” a coronavirus vaccine would be available in the coming months, as infectious continue to rise at an alarming rate in the U.S.”We hope at the time we get into the late fall and early winter, we will have in fact a vaccine that we can say will be safe and effective,” Fauci said before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis. “One can never guarantee the safety and effectiveness unless you do the trial, but we are cautiously optimistic.”Fauci ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About Coronavirus VaccineTop US infectious-disease expert tells lawmakers vaccine could be available in coming monthsFauci said a Phase 3 trial, the last phase of the vaccine approval process, recently got underway.Fauci also cautioned against importing vaccines made in Russia or China due to concerns over safety.At the hearing’s open, panel chairman Democrat James Clyburn and the subcommittee’s ranking Republican, Steve Scalise, clashed over whether the Trump administration has a national strategy to contain the coronavirus crisis.”The administration’s approach to deferring to states, sidelining experts and rushing to reopen has prolonged this virus and led to thousands of preventable deaths,” Clyburn said. “In fact, the United States response stands out as among the worst of any country in the world.”Scalise dismissed Clyburn’s assessment, arguing with a stack of documents in hand that the administration has, indeed, issued guidance to the country about how to contain the pandemic.”These are just a few of the documents that your agencies have published to show states how to safely reopen, to show schools how to safely reopen, to show nursing homes how to care for their patients,” Scalise said to Fauci and the other government experts at the hearing.”If all governors would have followed those guidelines, thousands more seniors in nursing homes would be alive today, if just five governors would have followed your plan that was developed President Trump,” Scalise added.Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also testified Friday, saying it was in the “public health best interest” for K-12 schools to reopen.He also discussed a decision by the Trump administration to direct all hospitals to send all coronavirus data to a database in Washington and thus passing the CDC. Redfield said he did not know of the decision until after it was made.US Health Experts: COVID-19 Vaccine Could be Ready by 2021US has topped 150,000 deaths from COVID-19In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday he was delaying plans to ease lockdown measures by at least two weeks after the country reported its highest number of new COVID cases since late June.British Minister for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock said a second wave of the virus is rolling across Europe and that Britain must defend against it.British authorities added Luxembourg to the country’s quarantine list, meaning travelers from there must isolate for 14 days after entering Britain. Spain, which had been dropped from the list, has been reinstated and other countries may be added.Botswana’s capital, Gaborone, reimposed a two-week lockdown on Thursday after a surge in new confirmed COVID-19 cases. The increase came as the WHO warned against easing coronavirus restrictions throughout Africa. The WHO says the number of infections on the continent has doubled in the past month.”We are concerned that … we will see an increase in cases as we have seen in [other] countries” where restrictions have been eased too soon,” WHO Regional Director for Africa Matshidiso Moeti said.She said more than 20 African countries have recorded more new cases than in the previous weeks, with South Africa accounting for the most but increases also reported in Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe.Moeti said Uganda, Seychelles and Mauritius are doing well in controlling the virus.