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Хімікуса визнали потерпілим у справі щодо конфлікту з Пашинським – адвокат

Печерський районний суд Києва скасував постанову слідчого прокуратури від 12 січня про відмову присвоєння статусу потерпілого В’ячеславу Хімікусу, яий отримав поранення під час конфлікту із депутатом Сергієм Пашинським, повідомила Радіо Свобода його адвокат Марина Парінова. Відповідне рішення суд ухвалив 21 лютого, сказала вона.

Текст постанови опублікував у себе на Facebook колишній заступник голови адміністрації президента Андрій Портнов.

За словами Марини Парінової, раніше суд в мотивувальній частині свого рішення вже вказував на те, шо В’ячеслав Хімікус є потерпілим і тому зобов’язував слідство належним чином відреагувати на його клопотання.

«Проте прокуратура продовжувала наполягати, що В’ячеслав не є потерпілим через існування їхньої постанови про відмову у статусі потерпілого. Тепер же суд скасував постанову слідчого про відмову у наданні статусу потерпілого. В’ячеслав був і є потерпілим, суд вже вдруге вказав на це прокуратурі», – зазначала адвокат. 

31 грудня минулого року на трасі під Києвом сталася сутичка, в результаті якої депутат Сергій Пашинський прострелив ногу В’ячеславу Хімікусу. Пашинський наголошує на самозахисті, до якого він вимушений був вдатися. Поранений же стверджує, що зброю депутат застосував зненацька і невиправдано. 

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Russian Supreme Court Scraps Conviction of Opposition Activist

Russia’s Supreme Court on Wednesday canceled the conviction of prominent anti-Kremlin activist Ildar Dadin and ordered his release from jail, Interfax news agency reported.

Dadin, 34, was sentenced to three years in prison – reduced to two and a half on appeal – in December 2015 for a series of peaceful one-man protests against the Kremlin.

“Dadin is to be released from custody,” Interfax cited the ruling as saying.

The motion came after the Constitutional Court on Feb 10 ordered a review of Dadin’s conviction, arguing that a law that criminalized certain types of protests had to be applied more proportionately.

Dadin was the first person to be jailed under a 2014 law, adopted after big anti-Kremlin protests, that criminalized the violation of protest rules more than twice in 180 days.

Last November, Dadin said he was tortured in jail in northwest Russia. Jail officials dismissed the allegations, but the activist was subsequently moved to another prison.

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Amnesty International Decries Global Indifference to Human Rights

The human rights group Amnesty International says political leaders around the world, including U.S. President Donald Trump, are creating a more divided and dangerous world with “toxic rhetoric.” In the London-based organization’s annual report on human rights worldwide, politicians in the United States, Europe and elsewhere are accused of creating an “us versus them” environment that weakens the defense of human rights. VOA’S Greg Flakus has more from Washington.

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No Clear Cause for Russian UN Ambassador’s Sudden Death

New York City’s medical examiners have failed to determine what caused the sudden death this week of Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin. 

The medical examiners concluded that further study, which usually includes toxicology tests and other screenings, would be needed before they could say why Churkin died unexpectedly Monday at age 64. The additional tests could take weeks to complete.

Churkin had been Russia’s envoy at the U.N. since 2006. He was the longest-serving ambassador on the Security Council, the U.N.’s most powerful body.

Diplomatic colleagues from around the world continued to mourn Churkin on Tuesday. They said he was deeply knowledgeable about diplomacy and dedicated to his country, while also being a personable and witty colleague.

‘Brilliant, gracious and funny’

“He could spot even the narrowest opportunities to find a compromise,” U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said, describing Churkin as “brilliant, wise, gracious and funny.”

In Washington, President Donald Trump said he was saddened by the news. While acknowledging that Churkin and his U.S. counterparts sometimes disagreed, Trump said Churkin “played a crucial role in working with the United States on a number of key issues to advance global security.”

Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin was born in Moscow on Feb. 21, 1952. As a young boy, he appeared in at least three films; two were about Vladimir Lenin, the hero of the communist revolution that produced the Soviet Union a century ago.

Churkin studied at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and earned a doctorate in history from the USSR Diplomatic Academy. He joined the Soviet Foreign Ministry in 1974 and had a distinguished career as a diplomat. He was Moscow’s special representative to international talks on the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, and later served as ambassador to Belgium (1994-1998) and Canada (1998-2003).

Posted to UN in 2006

In 2006, Churkin took up his post as U.N. ambassador, presenting his credentials to then-Secretary General Kofi Annan. During more than a decade at U.N. headquarters in New York, diplomats said the Russian ambassador was widely respected by colleagues, even those whose governments had adversarial relationships with Moscow.

His job grew more difficult during the past six years, as Moscow became more isolated due to its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, and the Kremlin drew criticism from many quarters for its strong support of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Churkin often clashed in the Security Council chamber with former U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power. At a heated meeting in December on the situation in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo, Power called out Moscow for denying and obfuscating facts and aiding and abetting attacks on civilians. Churkin retorted that she sounded like “Mother Teresa” for scolding Moscow, and urged her to “remember your country’s track record.”

Power tweeted that she was “devastated” by Churkin’s passing, calling him a “deeply caring man” and a “diplomatic maestro.”

VOA correspondent Margaret Besheer contributed to this report from the United Nations.

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US Treasury Chief Tells IMF He Expects ‘Frank and Candid’ Forex Analysis

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Tuesday that he expects the IMF to

provide “frank and candid” analysis of exchange rate policies, a Treasury spokesperson said.

In a phone call with Lagarde, the spokesperson said, Mnuchin also “noted the importance that the administration places on boosting economic growth and jobs in the United States, and looked forward to robust IMF economic policy advice on its member countries and tackling global imbalances.”

The conversation on U.S. priorities occurred as officials from the Group of 20 major economies express concern about how the United States will approach multilateral institutions and delicately crafted G-20 language on foreign exchange cooperation, trade and other economic policies.

As President Donald Trump pursues an “America First” agenda aimed at reversing chronic trade deficits with China, Mexico, Germany and other major trading partners, some are concerned his administration could back away from pledges to maintain an open global trading system.

“I believe the Trump administration will try to leverage the IMF and the G-20 to help achieve its external objectives and escalate pressure on China and Germany,” said Domenico Lombardi, a former IMF board official who is now with the Center for International Governance Innovation, a Canadian think tank.

Targeting currency manipulation

Throughout his election campaign, Trump accused China of manipulating its yuan currency to gain an export advantage over the United States. And Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro in late January said Germany was using a “grossly undervalued” euro to do the same. Both countries have large bilateral trade surpluses with the United States.

But IMF officials no longer view the yuan as undervalued, especially since China’s central bank has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to prop up the yuan over the past year to counter capital outflows.

The euro’s value against the dollar is widely viewed as a function of still-weak fundamentals in key eurozone economies and the European Central Bank’s use of negative interest rates at a time when the U.S. Federal Reserve is raising rates.

A ‘constructive discussion’

Mnuchin, who was sworn in as Treasury secretary just a week ago, has yet to lay out his priorities. Before his Senate confirmation, he pledged to work through the IMF, the G-7 and G-20 to address currency manipulation as an unfair trade practice.

But he added in written remarks to senators: “The IMF and other multilateral institutions do not appear to have prevented nations from manipulating the value of their own currencies.”

In the call with Lagarde, the Treasury spokesperson said Mnuchin “underscored his expectation that the IMF provide frank and candid analysis of the exchange rate policies of IMF member countries.”

IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said that Lagarde “had a constructive discussion with Secretary Mnuchin on a wide range of issues of interest to our membership. We look forward to continuing our close and productive engagement with the U.S. authorities.”

US is largest IMF shareholder

The United States is by far the IMF’s largest shareholder, with about 17 percent of its board voting power, enough for an effective veto over many major decisions.

It is unclear how Mnuchin might wield U.S. influence over the IMF on issues such as whether it should commit resources to Europe’s bailout of Greece.

In his written remarks to senators, Mnuchin said the Trump administration will “ensure that U.S. resources placed in international institutions such as the IMF and multilateral development banks are used to promote policies consistent with the objectives of the United States to the greatest extent


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Supermarket Uses Lasers to Brand Fruits and Vegetables

A Swedish supermarket chain is offering shoppers some fruits and vegetables that are branded with their country of origin and code number, instead of being wrapped in plastic with that information. VOA’s Faith Lapidus reports.

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Small Business Owners in Arizona Look to Trump for Relief

The owners of a local printing company in Arizona are looking to President Donald Trump to cut taxes and improve the business climate. Mike O’Sullivan spoke with the owners, who backed Trump, and their son, who did not, about what they expect from the president.

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Цього року прикордонники знешкодили три канали торгівлі людьми – Держприкордонслужба

Державна прикордонна служба заявляє про знешкодження трьох каналів торгівлі людьми, якими до Китайської Народної Республіки та Туреччини намагались відправити чотирьох жінок для використання у примусовій секс-роботі. Про це повідомляють на урядовому порталі.

Загалом, за даними Держприкордонслужби,у 2016 році співробітники оперативно-розшукових підрозділів відомства у взаємодії з іншими правоохоронними органами припинили функціонування 11 каналів торгівлі людьми та виявили 8 злочинних груп у складі 17 осіб. При цьому були затримані 12 осіб, які причетні до торгівлі людьми, за виявленими фактами розпочато 19 кримінальних проваджень.

За інформацією прикордонників, 2016-го року суди винесли 5 обвинувальних вироків щодо торгівлі людьми стосовно 5 осіб, реальні строки ув’язнення отримали 3 особи.

Всього за рік було не допущено вивезення за кордон 27 потенційних жертв торгівлі людьми, зазначають у Держприкордонслужбі.

У звіті Державного департаменту США про торгівлю людьми у світі у 2016 році Україну помістили в другу групу як «країну походження, транзиту й призначення для чоловіків, жінок та дітей, яких піддають примусовій праці та сексуальній експлуатації».

За даними Міжнародної організації з міграції, за роки незалежності від торгівлі людьми постраждали понад 160 тисяч українців. Станом на червень, за 2016 рік кількість виявлених жертв таких злочинів становила 491.

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Eiffel Tower View: Paris Tourism Rises After Yearlong Slump

Tourism to Paris is showing signs of a revival after a yearlong slump attributed to deadly extremist attacks, violent labor protests, strikes and floods.

The biggest drop came in demand for Paris hotels from Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Italian tourists, according to 2016 figures released Tuesday by the Paris regional tourism committee.


The Louvre Museum, Musee d’Orsay and Disneyland Paris saw visits drop between 9 and 13 percent last year and overall tourism-related revenue in the region fell more than 1 billion euros, or about 6 percent, according to the committee’s estimates.


Many potential Paris visitors were scared off by November 2015 attacks on cafes, a rock concert and the national stadium that killed 130 people.


However by the end of 2016, hotel reservations started rising again, the report said.

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Ukraine’s Poroshenko Urges More Sanctions Against Russia

Ukraine’s president on Tuesday called for new sanctions against Russia over its decision to recognize passports issued by separatist authorities in the east, while the Kremlin accused Ukrainian authorities of denying vital documents to people in the rebel regions.

The Kremlin said its decision is a “humanitarian” move to help residents of the east suffering from Ukraine’s blockade, and doesn’t amount to recognizing the rebel regions.


Ukrainian forces have been fighting Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine since April 2014, a conflict that has killed more than 9,800 people.


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday denounced Moscow’s action as contradicting the 2015 Minsk peace agreement. Speaking at a meeting with EU Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Commissioner Christos Stylianides, Poroshenko called for “resolute action, up to strengthening sanctions.”


The United States and the European Union have hit Russia with sanctions for its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and support for pro-Russian insurgents in eastern Ukraine.


The February 2015 peace agreement brokered by France and Germany has helped reduce fighting in the east, but clashes have continued and provisions for a political settlement have stalled. Russia and Ukraine have blamed each other for the lack of progress.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov argued Tuesday that the decision to recognize passports and other documents issued by separatist authorities in the east was intended to protect the rights of local residents, who have found it impossible to receive documents from Ukraine because of its blockade of the rebel regions.


“The Ukrainian authorities are doing all they can to make life as difficult as possible for the residents of those territories and make it as hard as possible for them to enjoy the most basic rights and freedoms,” Lavrov said. “It’s hard and often impossible to exercise those rights without documents.”