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UK Police Arrest 14th Person in Connection with Manchester Attack

A 25-year-old man has been arrested and his property searched Sunday in connection with the Manchester bombing that killed 22 people last week, police said.

The man is the 12th currently held in British custody in relation to the suicide bombing of Manchester native Salman Abedi, 22, in the lobby of Manchester Arena Monday just after pop singer Ariana Grande finished her concert.


A woman and teenage boy arrested by British police this week have been released without charges.

Abedi’s brother and father also were arrested in Libya last week where they are being held. A spokesman said that the brother, Hashim, was aware of Abedi’s plans to attack.

As the probe continues, Britain lowered its security threat level Saturday to “severe,” Prime Minister Theresa May said.

The level had been raised to “critical” — meaning another attack was thought to be imminent — after Monday’s bombing at the pop concert in Manchester. The downgrade to “severe” means an attack still is considered highly likely.





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Pope says Egyptian Copts Killed by IS Were ‘Martyrs’

For the second day in a row, Pope Francis has expressed his solidarity with Egypt’s Coptic Christians following an attack on a bus carrying Coptic pilgrims to a remote desert monastery.


Francis led thousands of people in prayer Sunday for the victims, who Francis said were killed in “another act of ferocious violence” after having refused to renounce their Christian faith.


Speaking from his studio window over St. Peter’s Square, Francis said: “May the Lord welcome these courageous witnesses, these martyrs, in his peace and convert the hearts of the violent ones.”


The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack, which killed 29 people.


On Saturday during a visit to Genoa, Francis prayed for the victims and lamented that there were more martyrs today than in early Christian times.




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British Airways Is ‘Near-Full Operation’ After Computer Failure

British Airways passengers continue to face delays, cancellations, and overcrowding Sunday at Heathrow Airport as the airline reels from a computer failure.

The airline said that all long-haul flights will continue Sunday, but to avoid further overcrowding, passengers will only be allowed to enter the airport terminal 90 minutes before their scheduled departure.

Passengers should still expect delays and cancelations for shorter flights, British Airways chief executive Alex Cruz said, adding that the airline was at “near-full operation” Sunday.

“I know this has been a horrible time for customers,” Cruz said, apologizing in a video statement posted online.

The airline was forced to cancel flights Saturday at Heathrow and Gatwick airports as officials tried to fix a global computer failure.

British Airways has not said what caused the glitch, but did report there is no evidence pointing to a cyber attack.

The failure occurred on a particularly busy weekend in Britain, where a public holiday will be observed on Monday and when many children are starting their mid-term school breaks — prompting some stranded travelers to express their frustration on Twitter.

British Airways has experienced other recent computer glitches. Passengers were hit with severe delays in July and September last year because of problems with the airline’s online check-in systems.


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US Military Veterans Trying to ‘Cultivate Peace’ in Afghanistan, Where They Served

Saffron has long been one of the world’s most expensive spices. The saffron crocus that produces the spice grows mostly in parts of Europe, Iran and India. Now, a U.S. company seeking to “cultivate peace” is attracting attention to this historic spice and trying to develop new markets for saffron grown in Afghanistan. VOA’s Kane Farabaugh has more from Chicago.

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Report: Trump Tells ‘Confidants’ US Will Leave Paris Climate Deal

U.S. President Donald Trump has told “confidants,” including the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, that he plans to leave a landmark international agreement on climate change, the Axios news website reported Saturday, citing three sources with direct knowledge.

On Saturday, Trump said in a Twitter post he would decide whether to support the Paris climate deal next week.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A source who has been in contact with people involved in the decision told Reuters that a couple of meetings were planned with chief executives of energy companies and big corporations and others about the climate agreement ahead of Trump’s expected announcement later in the week. It was unclear whether those meetings would still take place.

“I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!” Trump tweeted on the final day of a Group of Seven (G-7) summit in Italy at which he refused to bow to pressure from allies to back the 2015 agreement.

Six against one

The summit of G-7 wealthy nations pitted Trump against the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada and Japan on several issues, with European diplomats frustrated at having to revisit questions they had hoped were long settled.

Trump, who has previously called global warming a hoax, came under concerted pressure from the other leaders to honor the 2015 Paris Agreement on curbing carbon emissions.

Although he tweeted that he would make a decision next week, his apparent reluctance to embrace the first legally binding global climate deal, signed by 195 countries, clearly annoyed German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“The entire discussion about climate was very difficult, if not to say very dissatisfying,” she told reporters. “There are no indications whether the United States will stay in the Paris Agreement or not.”

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Dozens of Cypriots Call for Reunification With Linked Arms

Dozens of Greek and Turkish Cypriots have linked arms across a U.N.-controlled buffer zone cutting across ethnically divided Cyprus’ capital of Nicosia to voice their support for a reunification agreement.

Beating drums, blowing whistles and singing traditional Cypriot folk songs, the demonstrators said real peace lies in the hands of ordinary people from both sides of the divide as the Mediterranean island’s reunification talks appear to be faltering.

Protesters said Saturday’s event was to remind politicians not to let ordinary people down.

On Friday, a U.N. envoy called off mediation efforts with the island’s Greek Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci after failing to find “common ground” on convening a final summit for an overall reunification deal.

But officials insisted talks haven’t collapsed.

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Migrants’ Mediterranean Travails Are Backdrop for G-7 Talks in Sicily 

Maritime rescues of migrants adrift in the Mediterranean continued unabated on Saturday, with Spanish officials assisting more than 150 refugees in small boats and Tunisian security forces pulling more than 100 others to safety, including seven pregnant women and three children.

The latest tally of rescued African migrants seeking a better life in Europe came as Libyan and Italian officials said about 10,000 migrants had been rescued off the coast of Libya this week. The French news agency AFP quoted authorities as saying at least 54 people had drowned.

Migrants in need of assistance often are brought to Sicily, but that process was halted this week ahead of the Group of Seven summit. Leaders of the world’s seven biggest industrialized nations met in the eastern Sicilian seaside town of Taormina.

Heads of state, including U.S. President Donald Trump, heard an impassioned plea from the host nation. Italy called on the G-7 nations to massively increase investment in large parts of Africa, to help make residents’ lives more attractive and prosperous.

However, there were no reports from the summit of any specific progress on that issue.

Rome had hoped to persuade the industrialized nations to develop legal procedures for additional migration. Analysts say that effort was scrapped before the two-day summit opened, when the United States, Britain and Japan voiced opposition to new immigration initiatives in their respective countries.

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Italy Still Isolated in Shouldering Migration Crisis After G-7

Italy chose to host a Group of Seven summit of wealthy nations on a hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean, looking to draw attention to the migrant crisis that has seen hundreds of thousands of people set sail from Africa in search of a better life in Europe.

But world leaders on Saturday said little that will help Italy manage the steady flow of migrants to its shores or enable it to cope with the growing number of new arrivals.

“Even though this summit took place in Sicily, a stone’s throw from where so many migrants have died, it produced no concrete steps to protect vulnerable migrants or to address the root causes of displacement and migration,” said Roberto Barbieri, the local director of humanitarian group Oxfam.

Food security

Rome had hoped to persuade other major industrialized nations to open more legal channels for migration and to focus attention on food security — policies which were meant to lower the number of people who set off for Europe.

But the plan was scrapped before the two-day summit even started, with the United States, Britain and Japan unwilling to commit to major new immigration initiatives.

The final communique outlined medium-term commitments to bolster African economies and promote sustainable agriculture, but it focused more on the need for each country to guarantee national security than on how to limit migration.

Countries “reaffirm the sovereign rights of states to control their own borders and set clear limits on net migration levels,” said the communique.

‘Desperate measures’

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said the language was decided “weeks ago” by diplomats from G7 nations — Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United States.

“It wasn’t an issue that was the focus of debate, other than recognising the humanitarian importance of taking people in as this region has done,” Gentiloni said of Sicily, which has seen hundreds of thousands of migrants arrive since 2014.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said there had been “excellent” discussion on the need boost economic opportunity, in particular during outreach sessions with five African leaders on Saturday, so that people “are not driven to take desperate measures to improve their lot”.

Both the United States and Britain opposed the Italian pre-summit initiative to draft a stand-alone G-7 statement entitled “G7 Vision on Human Mobility”, an Italian official said.

Open, safe, legal paths

That document included language on the need for open, safe and legal paths for migrants and refugees, according to excerpts seen by Reuters.

Italy has been put under increasing pressure as EU partners have refused to relocate large numbers of asylum seekers, and some have closed their southern borders to keep migrants out of their own countries, effectively sealing them in Italy.

More than 175,000 asylum seekers live in Italian shelters. With sea arrivals at a record pace this year, the issue is hotly debated by politicians facing a general election within a year.

Over the past 10 days, almost 10,000 migrants were rescued off the coast of Libya, where people smugglers cram them onto unsafe boats. Dozens died, including many children.

“We know that the deadliest season is upon us. It starts pretty much now, at least it has for the last few years,” Joel Millman, spokesman for the International Organization for Migration, said on Friday. “We expect these coming weeks to be much worse.”

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В Івано-Франківську показали кінохроніку про сто років історії міста

В Івано-Франківську презентували 45-хвилинну документальну кінохроніку з життя міста за 1917-2017 роки «Моє місто. Сто років на екрані». 

Це унікальні кадри з часів панування Австро-Угорщини і Польщі, радянської і німецької окупації, незалежності України, найстаріше відео датується 1917 роком. До історико-мистецького проекту долучилися краєзнавці і журналісти, письменники, музиканти і меценати. 

Як розповів журналіст Тарас Зень, «найбільше відеоматеріалів вдалося роздобути в центральному державному кінофотофоноархіві України імені Пшеничного, проте, на жаль, там найбільше радянської кінохроніки, польського і австрійського періоду немає, тож використано ще більше десяти різних джерел».

За словами автора сценарію краєзнавця Івана Бондарева, задумали фільм як німе кіно: тільки кінохроніка і музика. До першого показу тексти написав письменник Тарас Прохасько. 

Місцем першого показу став внутрішній дворик медичного університету (колишня будівля Станиславівської дирекції залізниць).

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У Криму стурбовані через стан дамби на Білогірському водосховищі, що наповнилось водою

Білогірське водосховище, що забезпечує водою південно-східну частину Криму, повністю наповнене. Про це повідомляє кореспондент проекту Радіо Свобода Крим.Реалії, який побував на місці.

Підвищити рівень води у водосховищі до норми допомогли холодна весна й рясні опади в Криму. У результаті тут підтоплено навіть дерева.

Жителі регіону стурбовані станом греблі цього водосховища, що просіла за тривалий період без води. Зокрема, на греблі видно глибокі щілини між бетонними плитами. Ремонт греблі не здійснюється.

У той же час, без води, як і раніше, залишається сафарі-парк «Тайган», розташований у Білогірському районі.

«Білогірське водосховище наповнилося, але Тайганське водосховище, звідки ми завжди брали воду – ні, тому проблема водопостачання парку левів «Тайган» залишається гострою. Поки йдуть дощі – справляємося, так як не потрібно поливати рослинність у парку. Зараз відпрацьовуємо проект подачі води з Білогірського водосховища, але це дуже вартісний захід через велику відстань до парку від цього водоймища», – заявив Крим.Реалії власник парку левів Олег Зубков.

Білогірське водосховище наповнюється з гірського джерела Карасу-Баші, а те живиться з найбільшого плато Криму – Карабі-Яйла.

Україна забезпечувала до 85% потреб Криму в прісній воді через Північно-Кримський канал, що з’єднує головне русло Дніпра з півостровом. Після анексії Криму Росією в 2014 році, постачання води на півострів з материкової частини країни припинили.

Через відсутність дніпровської води зрошуване землеробство Криму зазнало значних збитків. Із 140 тисяч гектарів зрошуваних угідь у Криму в 2014 році залишилося лише 17 тисяч гектарів, що поливаються з місцевих джерел. Припинилося вирощування рису. Через рік площа зрошуваних земель скоротилася до 13,4 тисячі гектарів.